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10/6/08 11:55 am - jrod1195 - Hi, Im new. :3

Name: Jacqueline (Or Jackie.)

Age: 14 Im turning 15 on new years.

Gender: Female

Height: 5'2

What type of lolita are you?
Classic lolita.

baking,music,finding lolita-like finds, my chemical romance, tea pots.

make-up, being bored, being sick and anything modern.

9/24/08 05:24 pm - lhene - I am..... Pocket-Sized!!! (and Canadian)

Name: Helen

Age: 16.5

Gender: Female

Height: 4' 10"

Your joys and sorrows of being short
Joys: Ordering from the Kid's Menu, never looking too old for Trick-or-Treating, being able to act childish without looking like an idiot, piggybacks, getting carried and swung around, hugs, fitting into Lolita clothing, hide-and-seek.

Sorrows: Finding clothes that fit, getting mistaken for a 13-year old, being used as an armrest, getting hit by backpacks, trying to reach the top shelf in bookstores, not getting taken seriously. Oh, and being at boob-level of almost every girl I know. It makes hugs awkward n__n;

What type of lolita are you?
Right now I'm a cross between Gothic and Elegant Lolita, but I want to start dabbling in Wa-Lolita. Those dresses are fantastic!

Likes: Lolita (of course), books, poetry, music (especially j-pop and techno), video games (flavour of the month is Okami), my friends, anime/manga, martial arts films, playing piano, plushies, singing, dancing, working out, nature, my hair, just being myself. Many, many more things ^-^

Dislikes: Needles, playboys, people who are mean to my friends, slackers, politicians that get nothing done, homophobes, the "too cool for anything" sort of people, normal-ness, the stairs at my school.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Umm, hi! I'm glad I was introduced to this group, there's nothing like a group of people with the same problem/blessing as you! I hope that I can learn in this community and get to know some other Lolitas! (It's rare in my city --__--; )
I must warn you all, I age-shift. One moment I'm a granny, the next I'm an 8 year old. It's fun AND scary :D


9/18/08 07:09 pm - apples4pirates - Hello~

Name: Ashley

Age: Fifteen, but I'm turning sixteen in less than a month :D

Gender: Female

Height: About 4'11.5"

Your joys and sorrows of being short It's easy to sneak away from people if you don't want to see them, and people like to give me piggy-back rides since I'm small. But on the downside I get hit in the face with backpacks sometimes, and I can't reach things that are on high shelves.

What type of lolita are you? I don't currently wear lolita since the school isn't the greatest place for it, and I also suffer from severe lack of funding, but when I get the chance to, I'd say sweet, casual and maybe kodona.

Likes: manga/anime, candy, music, being around people, reading, and of course, lolita!

Dislikes: Having a lot of schoolwork, arguments, the stairs at my school (haha~)

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Hello there! I didn't join this community before because I felt bad for not actually wearing it, but then I figured that it's just nice to be around other people who appreciate the fashion and can help me out when I try to get myself started, so why not join? I'm planning on wearing lolita to my school's semi-formal this year, and hopefully semi and prom next year as well. I'm looking forward to meeting you all, and getting your opinions and help on my lolita attempts!

6/3/08 07:35 pm - meru_bunny

 Name: Melinda

Age: 16

Gender: Girl

Height: 5'2".6 ( I'm still the tallest person in my family though! My mom's 5'2" and my dad is only 5'1" XD)

Your joys and sorrows of being short

Pretty much what everyone else in here has said before. 
 Most of the lolita clothes go right to my knees and fit me almost pretty well. I can wear some clothes from the kids sections of stores, it makes you look younger, and I just like it, it makes me feel cute. <3 

Downsides:  I probably won't get to model unless I magically grow 5 inches or wear 5 inch heels. People cut in front of you in lines and you get pushed around in crowds!  D< Creepy men in malls... I'll just leave it at that . 

What type of lolita are you?
Sweet lolita all the way!

The internets, my friends, lolita, meeting new people, acting like a moron with my friends, CAT MACROS, watching TV, Videogames, techno music, musicals, foreign films, playing piano, poupee girl

Annyoing people, Hypocrites, people who take themselves to seriously, people who think their way of thinking is the right way, "sagging" seriously that annoys the shit out of me!

Etc. Etc. Etc.  I might have a job soon, so I'll be able to buy more loli clothes!

5/20/08 11:54 pm - ieatedyourcooki - Pocket Lolitas...

How many of you are still growing? Part of me wonders how many of you will make it to 5 foot 5 before all is said and done. I know some of us are in our twenties, but a few of us are still stretching. I know I'm 20 now and just managed to gain an inch. Now I'm 5 foot flat, or 5 foot 1 on a good day. Has anyone recently passed the pocket loli height mark? (it's in the rules if you don't know it... but you should...XD and don't worry, we won't impale you for it.)

5/13/08 04:50 pm - spookyichigo

Name: Ichigo (not real)

Age: ~16 years old

Gender: Female

Height: 5'0

Your joys and sorrows of being short :

Being a lolita when you're short is really a plus. Most brands fall to the right place and fit you well, adding to the cuteness of the style. Nobody find odd that I'm dressing like a doll, love plushies, candies...And, I look really young, so everybody want to hug me ^^. 

About my sorrows well...Nobody want to give me a job. So my boyfriend has to pay for all my dresses ! People still asking my ID when I'm going to movies. I need help of somebody or something to go search books in my case at school...

What type of lolita are you? :
I'm mostly into Sweet. Though, I'm wearing sometimes Classical or Gothic Lolita.
My favorite brands are Angelic Pretty, Innocent World and Metamorphose. 

Music, Movies, Plushies, Candies, Tea Party, Rococo lifestyle, Asian and European Culture, cute things, red-pink-black and white colours, Cats and Panda, Animes/Mangas, Reading and Arts.

Pervert, Vulgarity, Hypocrites, Clowns, Hospitals, Stupid people, Bugs... 

Other: I'm talking usually french. So this is a reason why I do alot of mistakes. 

4/27/08 09:58 pm - kitty_caesar

Name: on the internet I'm known as Caesar ^_^ If you want my real name, get to know me.

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Height: 4 feet 10 inches ^______^

Your joys and sorrows of being short: Joys- Just about everything. It's true. I LOVE being short. ^_^
Sorrows- Sometimes I need to climb shelves to get to food. But I don't mind.

What type of lolita are you? Gothic/Punk with random hints of Sweet in outfits.

Likes: Food, music, drawing, writing, being smart, getting good grades, theatre/drama, Japan, Learning Japanese, anime, manga, comic-books, video games, web-comics, the Korean band TVXQ, David Bowie, The Beatles, KMFDM, They Might Be Giants, any kinds of music except for American Rap, cyber and industrial clothing and music... I think that's enough for now. ^_^

Dislikes: Being hungry, super-super-super-super preppy people, drunk and/or high people, and people who don't know when to stop (talking, being annoying, poking me, ect.). But it's actually VERY hard to annoy me. ^_^

4/6/08 04:11 pm - icebluewings - intro

Height:just at 5'2", maybe a centimeter or two shorter.
Your joys and sorrows of being short: I love being short most of the time because unlike my 6' tall friends, I never experience head injuries. (except for at my most clumsiest moments). Also, my lolita clothes fit perfectly. It also never hurts to use shortness as an excuse to start a conversation. for example: I met my last boyfriend because he saw me in a store, and I was too short to reach what I wanted, and he was sweet and offered to help me out.
The only thing I dislike about being short is the problem of none of my floor-length dresses fit right.
What type of lolita are you? more gothic lolita, though I do have a few casual and sweet lolita outfits.
Likes: many, many things. jrock, books, shopping. I'm constantly getting into something new.
Dislikes:closeminded, prejudice people, and highly overpriced shipping and handling charges.

2/29/08 08:51 pm - t3h_janitor_jim - Art post- For pocket lolis with tall princes

Cut for height envyCollapse )

Cross posted to egl

2/29/08 01:37 am - shigatsu_dris - intro

Gender:  female
Height:  5'0.5"
Your joys:  Most brand falls to the right place lengthwise, and some fall below my knees (which I personally like since I don't like my knees :P ;_;).  My height accompanied by the fact that I look reEeeAaally young for my age, people will sometimes give me kid discounts without asking.  It helps with the ‘cute’ thing. *^^*
and sorrows of being short:  A lot of people don't take me seriously.  I also have a hard time getting jobs (as I mentioned above, in combined with my young appearance) - I've had people at interviews ask me repeatedly "Are you sure you're not going (back) to school?”  Getting carded at places that won’t accept anything but a driver’s license (I’ve yet to get my driver’s license! -_-;)
What type of lolita are you?  sweet and gothic mostly, but I do like classic and punk as well.
Likes:  music, dinosaurs, archaeology, ancient history, art, nature, dancing, video games, spending time with my fiance, our furballs...
Dislikes:  many things that are/have been going on in the world - too much to list, certain things about human behaviour that will take to long to go into ><;;;  - let's just say that I'm a bitter old maid :P;;;
Etc. Etc. Etc.  ummmm...  I'm extremely shy. *^^*;;;;;;

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