Jill (unowncafe) wrote in pocket_loli,

You don't look like you're sixteen.

Name: Jill
Age: 18
Gender: female
Height: 5'1
Your joys and sorrows of being short: I like being short so that i have an excuse to climb on counters without people yelling at me. I also like to wear platform boots and shoes. So that i'm not that short. (Though in the winter i do have boots that aren't heeled at all. But much more practical for snow and ice.) What i don't like about it is that everyone thinks i'm super young. I've gotten every age between 13 and 16. I'm a college kid now and when i went to apply for a job at stop and shop the customer service lady went on a short rant about my height. Which she said: "You have to be 16 to apply. Are you sixteen? You don't look like you're sixteen." When i told her i was 18 she just quitely replied 'oh.' and the lady behind me in line started to laugh. Another thing i like that in restaurants or museums where they have special prices for diferent ages. If it's not too young i can usually make myself be 15/16/17. I saved money yay! I also love being short so that i can (hopefully) fit into brand without it being too short. (I'm very very skinny and trying to buy an ap op so i hope i fit into it.)
What type of lolita are you: I'm a gothic lolita, but i also love any print if it comes in black. So i'm also a classic lolita and a sweet lolita.
Likes: Candy, pokemon, writing, reading, biking, having picnics, (most of the time in cemeteries.) tea parties, crafting anything out of anything i can get my hands on, photography, and dressing up.
Dislikes: people, annoying people, high schoolers, people who don't listen, people who judge on looks, people who don't like pokemon, when the teabag breaks, burnt food, when things go badly, and other terrible things.
Etc. Etc. Etc.: I run two blogs (one just because i can.) So you can visit those if you want to. www.hello-teacup.blogspot.com and www.juliesdoesstuff.blogspot.com. Heres a picture of me from about may on our senior picnic if you'd like to see me.
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