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 Name: Montezia( actually my first middle name)
Age: 17
Gender: She-person
Height: 5'0
Joys: Don't look old for my age(and I will probably age well because of that), can easily fit into brand, will never hit my head on a door,
Sorrows: my height has been a source for teasing, the average height of females in my area is like 5'5, people think I'm 12 and in junior high, pants in my size (that are bought from a store) are a tad too long,
Type of Lolita: Kodona, Classic,gothic, Wa, Kuro,qi, Industrial,punk,Steampunk,sailor ( I am actually new to the fashion although I have known about it for 2 years. But these are all the styles that I like and plan to wear. I only have Kodona at the moment. Financial burdens are the main reason, but I'll find a way around it)
Likes: Astronomy, Star-gazing, drawing,writing,listening to music,being happy, adventure,daydreaming, 
Dislikes: Favoritism, school,homework,two-facers, patriarchy,chemical relaxers(Aargh!they burn and harm waaay more than they'll ever help),discrimination,chemistry,math,violence
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