ezzora (ezzora) wrote in pocket_loli,

it's a shiny, catch it quickly!

Name: Leea
Gender: female
Height: 5'2" and a tiny bit (158cm)

Your joys and sorrows of being short
Joys: Being creative in finding ways to reach stuff, being considerd cute, beinge able to get away with being/or acting weak, not many clothes are to short, getting mistaken for a teenager(= cheaper tickets, being let in front of others)
sorrows: having to look up to look someone else in the face, people assuming I'm underaged, people assuming i'm a pushover because I am small, classmates being half a meter taller, being used as a armrest

What type of lolita are you?
gothic and classic, sometimes sweet as well

Likes: bjd, lolita clothes, pokemon, baking, singing, reading, fantasy stories, rpgs

Dislikes: stinging creatures, people talking down on foreigners, smoking, non medical drugs, my allergies, being fat
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