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8/9/11 04:46 pm - unowncafe - You don't look like you're sixteen.

Name: Jill
Age: 18
Gender: female
Height: 5'1
Your joys and sorrows of being short: I like being short so that i have an excuse to climb on counters without people yelling at me. I also like to wear platform boots and shoes. So that i'm not that short. (Though in the winter i do have boots that aren't heeled at all. But much more practical for snow and ice.) What i don't like about it is that everyone thinks i'm super young. I've gotten every age between 13 and 16. I'm a college kid now and when i went to apply for a job at stop and shop the customer service lady went on a short rant about my height. Which she said: "You have to be 16 to apply. Are you sixteen? You don't look like you're sixteen." When i told her i was 18 she just quitely replied 'oh.' and the lady behind me in line started to laugh. Another thing i like that in restaurants or museums where they have special prices for diferent ages. If it's not too young i can usually make myself be 15/16/17. I saved money yay! I also love being short so that i can (hopefully) fit into brand without it being too short. (I'm very very skinny and trying to buy an ap op so i hope i fit into it.)
What type of lolita are you: I'm a gothic lolita, but i also love any print if it comes in black. So i'm also a classic lolita and a sweet lolita.
Likes: Candy, pokemon, writing, reading, biking, having picnics, (most of the time in cemeteries.) tea parties, crafting anything out of anything i can get my hands on, photography, and dressing up.
Dislikes: people, annoying people, high schoolers, people who don't listen, people who judge on looks, people who don't like pokemon, when the teabag breaks, burnt food, when things go badly, and other terrible things.
Etc. Etc. Etc.: I run two blogs (one just because i can.) So you can visit those if you want to. www.hello-teacup.blogspot.com and www.juliesdoesstuff.blogspot.com. Heres a picture of me from about may on our senior picnic if you'd like to see me.

5/22/11 04:53 am - gothic_dollypop - Two inches over but still shopping in the petite section, hah.

Name: Lulu
Age: 22
Gender: F
Height: 5'3'' (I was accepted by the owner when the comm was first made, sorry it took me so long to get to this guys D8 ! I swear I'm not a tardy person~)
Your joys and sorrows of being short: My joys would be..fitting into lolita without having to worry about dresses being scandalously short on me (sorry taller girls but you know it's true), being able to wear super high platforms and heels without being taller than my partner, being just the right size to be picked up by my s.o.. Sorrows would be..actually, I really can't think of any at the moment.
What type of lolita are you?: Gothic-mainly
Likes: Gothic Lolita, sometimes Sweet, visuaru kei (mostly Indie bands thanks.. I'm not one of those bizarre western fans), music, religion, psychology, mythology, arts, literature, high fashion (especially avant garde), make-up, piercings, dyeing my hair, circle lenses, gel nails, ethnic cuisine, French and Japanese pastries, writing, drawing, singing, probably more since I'm a very multi-faceted person as I'm sure most people are.
Dislikes: Anime/manga (most of it anyway). J-pop. I don't like something just because it's Japanese and I dislike people who are that creepy. Fascist governments. Racism and sexism (I don't know which is more idiotic in all honesty. I have to wonder how people can be that idiotic.. These two just don't make any logical sense.) Dishonesty. Etc. Etc. Etc. (There's just too much for me to say when it comes to things I dislike)

If anyone's interested in being friends feel free to comment or inbox message me, I don't bite ;)

3/28/11 09:59 pm - waywardvgirl - Intro!

Name: Tally
Age: almost 20
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 1"
Your joys and sorrows of being short
Joys: being able to "sit Indian style" on airplanes/during lectures/in chairs with arms, looking youthful and being called cute, light weight (good for figure skating which I love), Angelic Pretty skirts are never too short on me.

Sorrows: Being used as an arm rest by my tall friends, having to move the seat up super close in order to reach the gas pedal when driving, Innocent World dresses are way too long on me :(
What type of lolita are you? Mainly sweet. I like classic and sailor as well.
Likes:tea, baking & eating cakes, writing, reading, figure skating, watching movies, Jpop and Visual Kei, shopping, hanging out with friends, meeting new people ^^
Dislikes: spiders, drains, needles, balloons, loud unexpected noises, people who talk loudly behind me in class
Etc. Etc. Etc. I usually like being short but it does have it's sorrows at times~

3/1/11 04:30 pm - nyappybou_chan - the korean pocket loli that could lol

Name: Bou

Age: 17


4’9” 10 inches if I stretch ( the shortest in the community ^^;)

Your joys and sorrows of being short

Sorrows: I can’t wear angelic pretty shoes, lolita dresses reach my shin, I get mistaken for a child, everyone know even short people are taller than me and feel like they need to point it out,  insults, getting things from up high
Joys:  i can wear kids shoes and clothes, people are nice to me (mostly), people make fun of me a

What type of lolita are you?:  
I am over the top sweet

 anime,cute things, cute charas, video games,music(mainly visual kei,oshare kei,fairy kei, DecoDen, Cosplay,reading,writing, drawing,sweets, strawberry scented things, sugary scented things, cute scents, make up,  
mean people, things that aren’t cute and 0.0 things that confuse me

Etc. Etc. Etc. :  I am asian ^^ Korean to be extact that is why I am small I think? Everyone on this coummuinty they always get complients for being short all I get “ eh your short haha does that mean I can tease you easier”

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12/21/10 03:38 am - montezia93 - Montezia

 Name: Montezia( actually my first middle name)
Age: 17
Gender: She-person
Height: 5'0
Joys: Don't look old for my age(and I will probably age well because of that), can easily fit into brand, will never hit my head on a door,
Sorrows: my height has been a source for teasing, the average height of females in my area is like 5'5, people think I'm 12 and in junior high, pants in my size (that are bought from a store) are a tad too long,
Type of Lolita: Kodona, Classic,gothic, Wa, Kuro,qi, Industrial,punk,Steampunk,sailor ( I am actually new to the fashion although I have known about it for 2 years. But these are all the styles that I like and plan to wear. I only have Kodona at the moment. Financial burdens are the main reason, but I'll find a way around it)
Likes: Astronomy, Star-gazing, drawing,writing,listening to music,being happy, adventure,daydreaming, 
Dislikes: Favoritism, school,homework,two-facers, patriarchy,chemical relaxers(Aargh!they burn and harm waaay more than they'll ever help),discrimination,chemistry,math,violence

7/7/10 07:26 pm - ezzora - it's a shiny, catch it quickly!

Name: Leea
Gender: female
Height: 5'2" and a tiny bit (158cm)

Your joys and sorrows of being short
Joys: Being creative in finding ways to reach stuff, being considerd cute, beinge able to get away with being/or acting weak, not many clothes are to short, getting mistaken for a teenager(= cheaper tickets, being let in front of others)
sorrows: having to look up to look someone else in the face, people assuming I'm underaged, people assuming i'm a pushover because I am small, classmates being half a meter taller, being used as a armrest

What type of lolita are you?
gothic and classic, sometimes sweet as well

Likes: bjd, lolita clothes, pokemon, baking, singing, reading, fantasy stories, rpgs

Dislikes: stinging creatures, people talking down on foreigners, smoking, non medical drugs, my allergies, being fat

3/8/10 01:21 pm - pandasaurus - Pocket size = fun size

Name: Jessica Reyes
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'1"
Your joys and sorrows of being short
Joys: Being able to sneak away, crawl under people at concerts, lolita skirts/dresses are exactly at my knees, fitting in small places, people think I'm "cute" or "adorable"

Sorrows: My 12 yr old brother is taller than me, soon to be the shortest of 4 even though I am the oldest, trying to reach things on the top shelf at stores, getting hit in the head by taller peoples arms, hard finding jeans that are not too short or long.

What type of lolita are you? Sweet all the way
Likes: black and white animals, grapefruit, history, music, science, cute things, hello kitty, candy
Dislikes: smelly people, close minded people, high shelves, spicy things
Etc. Etc. Etc.
I'm a really nice person and like to meet new peopl. I'm currently attending college to become a dentist.

3/5/10 12:02 pm - mzsparky

Name: Desiree Sparks, but you can call me Desie or Sparky
Age: 17 (I'll be 18 on the 22nd this month.)
Gender: Female
Height: 5 feet even
Your joys and sorrws of being short:
-Joys: Being able to fit into tiny place and being pretty much eternally cute.
-Sorrows: People think that short=weak or whatever and that really sucks... for them.
What type of lolita are you?: Classic and casual.
Likes: Candy
Dislikes: Not candy.
Etc. Etc. Etc.
I'm very friendly, oddly aggressive sometimes, but only towards men, mostly.

2/28/10 05:32 pm - dragonamyrilin - a little english loli

Name: Mim
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Height: 5'0"

Your joys of being short: Skirts are never too short, I easilty fit most lolita clothing, and alot of kids clothing and shoes too (no VAT advantage with that too).
I do like being short, if I feel like being taller I can just stick on a pair of heels but can always go back to to my little stature unlike someone larger.

and sorrows of being short: Not being able to reach things is the main one, People assuiming short= weak or assuming I won't be able to do certain things due to might hight. Getting carded everywhere is neither here nor there, I'm aware I look younger than my age, Its been happening for years so I'm used to it.
People walking into me as they are looking over my head and don't see me.
Skirts that are ment to be knee length are mid calf length.

What type of lolita are you? Mainly sweet, also gothic, pirate, casual, aristocrat.

Likes: archery, ballet dancing, ball joint dolls, cookery, electronics, cosplay, sewing.

Dislikes: stress from uni work, people who whistle, people hastling me over lolita/my dolls, creepers.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Studying fine art at uni, been wearing lolita for about 2-3 years.

8/27/09 01:45 pm - littleenglolita - Hello!

Name: Ellie.

Age: Sixteen.

Gender: Female.

Height: 4'11.

Your joys and sorrows of being short
JOY: Umm... Can't really think of many right now... Oh! I'm shy, so it's nice to be able to sneak away or be unnoticed!
SORROW: I have four younger siblings, people usually assume they're older than me... Theme parks! Movies! Aargh! (Need I say more?)

What type of lolita are you? Casual/Sweet, I think. But not Angelic Pretty Deco-Sweet, more Baby style sweet, if you know what I mean. I love Alice-themed clothes! And I collect cardigans, so I go casual a lot. Emily Temple cute!

Likes: People watching, psychiatry, train and plane journeys, Harley Quinn, Skins, Alice in Wonderland, cardigans, marzipan, drawing manga, and finding new music.

Dislikes: Arguments, hypocrisy, stress, boat journeys.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Hello! I've been a fan of Lolita since I was fourteen, and wearing it since I was fifteen. :3
On a random note: I just got my GCSE results today! It's finally over! Only A levels to worry about now... *sigh*
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